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Our story

What started out as a family of two has flourished into our Ohana. The Ohana officially started when Gisselle and Simba met Ken in late 2017. Simba jumped out of the moving truck into his new home and Ken knew that his life would be forever changed. Fast forward a year, and the Ohana met Nala. Nala from Woof-Tang Huskies was the stitching that brings all the fabric of our lovely little Ohana together. Today you can find the Ohana on youtube where Ken and Gisselle take the gang along with them. The Ohana has services available for dog sitting, grooming, studs by Simba, and even puppies!
Woof Gang Bakery


first of the Ohana, Simba (4 years Old) has always had a bit of a wild side. Only when Nala got introduced to the Ohana did he channel all that energy into a useful outlet. Now Simba enjoys nothing more than chasing his sister around the yard, Longboarding with Dad, and Fetching his ball for a Tasty Reward from Mom.


Nala is a bi-eyed, parti-eyed plush copper red AKC/CKC Siberian Husky. Our first Dam in the Ohana and forever our Fearless Kitty, Nala is an all around amazing dog. You will surely catch Nala laying outside catching some rays as she honestly forgets she comes from a colder climate!

Angel (CKC) is our newest member of the Ohana. She has the most stunning crystal blue eyes and is the most obedient and calm puppy we’ve yet to encounter. Look out because she’s sure to surprise you as she flies by on a longboard or kayak.



What'ssss Upppp Dawgggg?


With a major in Health Sciences, Ken currently teaches Anatomy and Physiology as well as Biology at Celebration High School. Ken only got his first dog at 17, but at 27, the last 10 years have been Ken's best. Ken loves being able to spend the day out with the Ohana at a dog festival and then relax at home with tired pups.

"A tired pup is a happy pup"


Gisselle has always had a passion for animals and specifically dogs. She helped deliver her first litter over ten years ago and always knew she wanted to help spread love through positivity and puppies! When meeting Gisselle most people would say she is bubbly, loving and fun and she is sure to put those same amazing characteristics into anything Ohana Huskies.

"Spread kindness like Confetti"

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