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We were blessed with 3 Copper Red Siberian Huskies on January 24th 2020 from Nala and her best friend Simba. 

Say Aloha to the four legged fur balls that went home most recently! 



Stitch was the first born and just like his grand entrance he is always making us laugh. He has one of the most playful personalities as well as one of the most vocal in the bunch. Stitch has one blue eye and one parti eye just like his mom Nala. With a tail dipped in Vanilla, Stitch is surely a sweet boy that would make a wonderful addition to your Ohana. (CKC certified)


Angel born second and only girl in the litter has been quite the fun one thus far. She has been the most vocal of the litter as well as the most active. She has a large white marking that wraps around the left shoulder and her back that takes after her dad Simba. She loves to keeps us on our toes as she climbs her mother Nala to show the boys in the litter how girls are the superior gender( CKC Certified- NFS ) 



Cobra Bubbles, or more commonly referred to as Bubbles, might seem like he’s giving you a strange look but upon closer inspection you can see that is because he has one blue eye and one dark one. Despite being the third and youngest by a few hours. Bubbles was the largest puppy at birth weighing exactly 1 pound. Bubbles has a white belly with a brown spot in the middle just like Mom and Dad. Bubbles has a smile that will be sure to brighten up your day but his true personality has been starting to show more lately with his always wanting to be on our lap when we are with them. (CKC Certified)

Siberian Husky


  • CKC +$750
  • CKC +850 With Breeding Rights
  • AKC +$950
  • AKC +$1150 With Breeding Rights

*Deposit is Non- Refundable

Additional fee is due at puppy pickup